Friday, August 13, 2010

Alexi Messes Up Again

From Kirk for Senate:
During an appearance this morning on a local radio show, Alexi got caught in a lie about his previous call to raise taxes. Then he misled voters about the loans Broadway Bank made to convicted felon and mob pimp Michael "Jaws" Giorango.

By noon, Alexi had already pledged to start a liberal Senate Progressive Caucus to drive Congress farther to the left. The announcement even had the liberal Huffington Post calling it "curious."

What a way to end a week in which he misled voters about loans to mobsters and withdrew from a candidate forum focused on issues impacting the U.S.-Israel relationship.
Alexi is no leader. Can Illinois afford this serial screw-up as our Senator? And how about his record as Illinois Treasurer?

Statement from Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady on Giannoulias Support for Bailout of State Mess He Helped Create

CHICAGO - Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady today criticized Illinois Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias for once again supporting higher taxes, higher deficits and more bailouts.

"After calling for higher state and federal income taxes and putting forward a plan to add $200 billion to our debt, it's no wonder Alexi Giannoulias would support more taxes, more spending and more borrowing," Chairman Pat Brady said. "Congress should not be forced to pay for Pat Quinn and Alexi Giannoulias' mess by raising taxes on Illinois employers."

Earlier this week, the Weekly Standard reported that "Giannoulias would be a disaster for taxpayers" since his "jobs plan would add $200 billion to the debt."

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