Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Barack the passive-aggressive meddler

Via The Corner: M. Zuhdi Jasser on the Mosque & Religious Freedom
The former U.S. Navy officer, medical doctor, and Muslim responds to President Obama:
On what will he passively-aggressively instruct us next?

Jimmy Carter was a Big Whiner. Bill Clinton was a Big Jerk. This guy is a Big Pain.

And he really kinda hates America. In his mean little innards.

Remember in November.

--cartoon by Michael Ramirez, IBD

More. Andrew McCarthy, The Tolerant Pose: Intolerance is not just part of al-Qaeda, it is part of Islam. Rich Lowry: Obama’s Ground Zero Dodge

And how bout the Big Pain's LA fundraiser? 'Can He Really Think He's More Important Than the Tens of Thousands of People Trying to Get Home to Their Families?'

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