Sunday, August 22, 2010

Barack's Martha's Vineyard Haven

It's most appropriate that Barack Obama chose Martha's Vineyard for his prime family vacation this summer--it's the retreat of the liberal elites. Noemie Emery suggests we're really seeing the lost administration of former Massachusetts Governor and failed Democrat presidential candidate Michael Dukakis. The NY Times tries to play defense for The One on his vacance:
Bill Clinton was ridiculed for hobnobbing with the rich and famous on Martha’s Vineyard for seven of his eight summer vacations (the exception was the time he took a supposedly more plebeian sojourn out West on the advice of a political adviser).

As he was last August, Mr. Obama is especially vulnerable to the critics’ rap about the timing of his leisure, coming amid two wars and continued high unemployment. Earlier this month, Michelle Obama drew criticism unusual for a first lady when she took a trip to Spain with her daughter Sasha.
Jogging in wingtips was the other jarring image of Dukakis.

President Obama went golfing again today. Is this a vacation? Kind of a busman's holiday, I'd say.

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