Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blago's Sidekick, Gov. Pat Quinn, Democrat

Yesterday we had Blago prancing around on the Daily Show, late of the Batmobile, and the sideshow of his sidekick for his two terms in office, Gov. Pat Quinn, disgracing himself once again. Sun Times:

Gov. Quinn's chief of staff resigns amid ethics probe
CITES MISTAKE | Gov's office denies link to state watchdog's ouster
If there was anyone in Illinois left to wonder whether Gov. Quinn was incompetent or a hopeless liar like his predecessor, wonder no more.

Time for a change and a new direction.

Illinois citizens and voters, remember in November.

More. Brady for Illinois statement:

“This is yet another stunning report involving the administration of Governor Pat Quinn. Today’s revelation suggests that on the very day Pat Quinn was confronted with evidence by the Inspector General of an ethics violation, Pat Quinn put his political interests before citizens yet again and fired the Inspector General himself. This disturbing report leads to a myriad of questions that the citizens of Illinois deserve to have answered.

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