Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Let's Get Back to Work, Illinois

New Dold ad. Small businessman Robert Dold, running in the Illinois 10th congressional.

Human rights lawyer Joel Pollak in the 9th. Marathon Pundit interviews the Skokie Republican.

Challenger Adam Kinzinger leads by 11 in the 11th. NRO with the Sun Times correction (how come not in the original yet Sun Times?)

Bobby Schilling in with a chance in the 17th. New polling.

And in the state itself. WSJ:
While attention once again is focused on the debilitating political and policy fights in Washington, the most important political story of 2010 may lie in a series of gubernatorial and state legislative races in the same Great Lakes region of the upper Midwest.
Percolating policy ideas, real reform, and a friendly climate for jobs. Brady for Illinois.

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