Monday, August 30, 2010

Ozzie On Manny

UPDATE: Video.***White Sox reaction, Ozzie is Ozzie. Manny is Manny--but what about the hair?

That summer, he hit .396 with 17 homers, propelling LA to a postseason berth.

The White Sox can't expect that, but that's why they got him.

"That's the reason we made the move," Guillen said. "He's not going to be a savior. He will help us, but he can't save us. We need to get all our guys as a group to play better."

Although Guillen doesn't have many rules, the White Sox will require Ramirez to abide by their appearance clause, which maintains players keep their hair neat. Ramirez will have to cut his dreadlocks, which currently flow to the middle of his back.

Williams expects Ramirez to comply with the club policy established by owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

"From my understanding it is not going to be an issue and he is going to make an adjustment and conform to how we like to have our players represented out there," Williams said.

Guillen made it clear that he won't tell Ramirez anything other than where he's hitting.

"If Jerry has any problem with his hair or the way he wears his uniform, they got to go directly to him," Guillen said, pretending to wash his hands. "That's not my department. Guys can go out there buck naked, and if they win games for me, I'm happy."

Go Sox win!

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