Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Scientific Method to the Madness

The Planet and the Radio Dish. APOD. A certain skepticism arises looking at this photo. You've got to carefully read the explanation, and even then:) It is lovely, though:)

Has the scientific method passed from fashion? Are we meant to just swallow what we're told? We summer camp star-gazers, occasional readers of this and that scientific. Here's a graph of words.

Where are we now in the planetary debate? Adult stem cells, not embryonic, show the most promise. The embryonic ones are being used as "lab tools".

And then there is "global warming". That pesky reality intrudes once again as cap and tax dies.

So we'll enjoy the photo, but we know it's not natural.

More. Related, DC Examiner:Greed and secrecy mark nation’s first, biggest cap-and-trade program UPDATED: Repeal effort launched

...Hey, and how about this refreshing change, running in Massachusetts. Right Klik:
Mike Stopa is not a politician, he's a scientist. To be more specific, he's a Harvard physicist who's recognized as a leading expert on nanoscale electronics and computation. Maybe he's overqualified for Congress, but he's willing to serve anyway
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