Monday, September 06, 2010

Prius Insurrection

Going viral:)

The new majority insurgency.


Barack, Can We Talk?

Barack, can we, uh, talk for a few minutes?

Oh, nothing. It's just that it just seems we haven't had a chance to talk for a while. I mean, I know we've both been busy for the past year or so. You with your fundraisers and golfing and stuff, and me with all those appointments at the unemployment office. But you know I think it's important in a relationship like ours to keep the lines of communication open.

So anyway, I've been think that... look, this is really hard. God. Do you remember when we met at that big party in Denver back in 08? I mean when I saw you across that crowded convention floor, it was like, Oh My God. I don't think I ever saw anything like you before. I was on the rebound from a bad relationship and you were so tall and articulate and, well hot. And then I couldn't believe that of all the democracies in the room you picked me out!

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...Even in his home state of Illinois Obama is only at 51% approval.

More. Rasmussen--generic ballot advantage gap holding for GOP.


Tom's Place said...

I am so borrowing that photo and links!

Super find!

Anne said...

Isn't it wonderful? :)