Friday, September 10, 2010

The Ruling Class Hits Christine O'Donnell

Let the voters choose.

Our American democracy itself is under assault. We need folks with guts to run--and to support them when they do.

Gateway Pundit video interview with Christine O'Donnell here.

More. The facts. Christine counters the slurs.

Perhaps he really believes only multi-millionaires or incumbents should run for office. [snip]

2. I sold my home in 2008. My opponent claims I lost it in foreclosure.

More. Delaware GOP files FEC complaint against O’Donnell over tea-party money. Wow. Total jerks. You are making the conservative grassroots really mad. I wasn't engaged, I obviously don't live in Delaware, but this is the crap we've been fighting for years. Sneering at your base.

...if a Tea Partier wins Joe the Biden's old Senate seat, that's a big effin deal:)


Coons inherited a huge surplus and years of no-property tax hikes from his Democratic predecessor. He went nuts spending it all in just a few years, just in time for a recession. He’s a target rich environment in November.

And like Castle, Biden, and Carper, he’s generally not been challenged in general elections. His predecessor got driven out by the Feds (who failed in their prosecution in the end) and in last general election faced no one on the GOP slot. He ran against no one. It’s not hard to win those type of elections.

This state badly needs more competition in both parties.

I’m so tired of the nonsense that these guys are popular when they never face maybe one tough election in their entire careers. Castle was DuPont’s LtGov. and walked into the Governor’s job based on DuPont’s success and popularity. After being term limited, he and Carper switched jobs. Again avoiding any real competition. He’s an empty suit.

LenSp1 on September 10, 2010 at 10:03 PM

Does this sound familiar or what. Illinois.

P.P.S. David Warren to the north:

Those who prudently saved against the contingencies of this world, have subtly numbered themselves among "the rich." And, "tax the rich" is the received solution. For generations now, "progressive" politicians, imposing "progressive" tax systems, have been making an example of the prudent. The cultivation and manipulation of envy is at the heart of all political schemes for income redistribution, and parties of the Left have been building their client base upon it.

Hence the gradual division of every electorate between the Party of Entitlement, and the Party of Tax Cuts: the one to increase spending, the other to limit revenue, until the gap between income and expenditure has grown to oceanic proportions. In a pinch, the government pulls both ways at once, as poor hapless Obama is now doing because his Party of Entitlement is about to be mooshed in the U.S. midterm elections. In addition to more ruinous "stimulus" spending, he is now promising tax cuts (for everyone but "the rich").

There, as here, the chariot of state is driving over the cliff. In every Western polity of which I am aware, the entitlements are backed with the force of law, and cannot be withdrawn with anything like the ease with which a government can cut the police, the military, and essential public services -- even on paper. Thus, at the moment when fiscal catastrophe strikes, we find the government has already "downsized" the instruments of public order.

I'm still trying to imagine the scenario in which this ends well. (Give me more time!)

The closest thing I can see to hope is currently invested in the tea party movement of the U.S.
Good effing night. You see, very civilized, I didn't drop poor old g.

...but may I say, bleep YOU, ruling class. (PC, PC) Full STOP.

41 WH Aides Owe $831,000 in Back Taxes - Andrew Malcolm, LA Times

“Everything slowed down and I did everything I thought I could do, nothing more and nothing less.”

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