Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A small small government contender

Newsweek. Why the GOP Should Listen to Mitch Daniels.

They find he has nuance--the ultimate leftist accolade:)

Well, I don't know about you but in spite of (buy a Dem hack sheet for a dollar) Newsweek's advice I like Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana.

And he's taller than I am.

More. Daniels having dinner with Republican bigs. They come to Indianapolis. Politico: Mitch Daniels makes White House moves:

The menu is much heavier on policy than politics. And Daniels makes certain to tell his guests that he hasn’t decided on whether to run.

One attendee, who has spoken with fellow Republicans who’ve attended the dinners, offered an assessment echoed by others: “Everybody was impressed with his policy knowledge, but does he have the fire in the belly?”

This Republican, who arrived in Indiana with high hopes about Daniels, worried that the Hoosier may not fit the political moment.

“He’s not particularly angry nor is he particularly passionate so you just come away wondering is this what the mood of country is going to be ready for – a Dukakis technocrat?” said the attendee. “You don’t get the sense he’s going to ride his Harley onto the Capitol steps.” Still, this Republican quickly added: “But he’s so smart.

He's no Dukakis. This guy's not going to be caught dead wearing wingtips to jog. Daniels may at times come across as a bit stiff, but he can be very personable out and about in Indiana. Just watch a few of his TV clips on RV One.

I have a weakness for cows.

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