Monday, September 13, 2010

We're going to take this country back

It's a beautiful day and I am savoring the last of summer, so just a few links:

The Size of Govt and the Choice This Fall - Arthur Brooks & Paul Ryan, WSJ, via RCP

Larry, Kudlow, Big Government: Bashing Bush and Boehner Won’t Work: Obamanomics Is the Problem

Kirk vs. Alexi. Politico:

CAMPAIGN CLICK II - KIRK'S APPEAL: Illinois Rep. Mark Kirk has put up a new site to raise money off the prospect of a lame duck Senate session, warning that Democrats could enact legislation with “the votes of Democratic members who have been defeated but still hold office.” The subtle URL?

And Giannoulias makes the improbable claim turnout will go up for Dems in the fall because the Chicago mayor's race is contested in the spring. I don't think so. Tribune, Clout St.

Robert Dold Launches Second Television Ad

On Shorebank: Left Bank

One Imam, Multiple Messages - Ibn Warraq, National Review Online

Via TWS: Rauf Linked to Truther

Powerline: Another episode of Gangster Government

Byron York: The public hates almost everything Congress has done

RCP Blog: GOP Outsiders Close in NH, DE

Poll: O'Donnell Beating Castle Jeffrey Lord

Andrew Breitbart Speaks In D.C. at 9/12 Rally: ‘We’re Going to Take This Country Back’

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