Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dems Behind Push Polling, Illinois Senate Race

Trying to drive a wedge between conservatives and Kirk. WSJ. Come on, overturning ObamaCare is key to rolling back the federal funding of abortions. Voting for a nice small percentage guy could tip the election in the wrong direction.

What's the single biggest issue facing us--JOBS.

Alexi Giannoulias has no clue:
OK, watching this-- on job creation. Alexi thinks he's a Main St. guy. Haha. He's a Chicago machine guy, recipient of the bailout. He wants to spend more money on the failed stimulus?!!!
Kirk knows what it takes to create jobs.

Mark Kirk also listened to the TEA parties when he decided to run for Senate and pledged a NO on cap and tax.

And did I say that Alexi Giannoulias is a lying toad.

More. Do you really want to tip Alexi into office by holding back on a vote for Kirk. Alexi is more liberal than most Dems, if that were possible. From the Kirk campaign (scroll down):


Giannoulias: “I’m gonna speak my mind. I’ve always done it.”



Illinois Radio Network, 10/14/10: "As I've said if I disagree with Senator Durbin, if I disagree with Senator Harry Reid, if I disagree with the president, I'm gonna speak my mind. I've always done it," Giannoulias told reporters while he greeted commuters at a Chicago train station.


Crain’s Chicago Business, 9/20/10: I asked his campaign for a few examples of where he differs from party leadership and orthodoxy, and they gave me a handful of issues on which he's more liberal than Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and/or President Barack Obama, including gay marriage, gun-control and the use of military force in Iraq.

Double Upshot…

Chicago Tribune Editorial, 10/7/10: Ask Giannoulias what federal spending bill of the last two years he would have opposed and, after some painful-to-watch evasion, he cannot name one. Ask him where he most strenuously disagrees with his party's policies and watch his intellectual gears grind as he grasps for anything controversial on which he disagrees at all.

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