Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gray Lady vs. Publius. And the Senator from Soros

Newsbusters: NY Times Editor Jill Abramson Links 2010 GOP Giving to Nixon, Watergate Era of Illegality:
It's clear that the Times hates the idea that corporations may have a say, however indirectly, in democracy. But one would at least think that a journalist comparing the perfectly legal corporation donation tactics of today to illegal fundraising by past political campaigns would look for the most recent examples. Perhaps the Clinton administration’s corrupt 1996 fundraising from China, or the indelible image of Al Gore raising money in a Buddhist temple.
Or the Obama campaign of 2008. Astroturf Axelrod outdid himself on that one.

Reason makes a comparison:)

Then there's this. Russ Feingold, the Senator from Soros. So much for his campaign finance reform, supposed squeaky clean reputation. Sorry, Senator, even your belated embrace of the hated teabaggers won't save you.

This is just the icing on the lying leftist cake.

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