Friday, October 01, 2010

If Folks Won’t Reduce Their Carbon Footprints, Kill Them

"an actual spot for the U.K.’s “1010″ campaign to reduce energy consumption". Bloody schoolchildren.

Bloody lovely


no pressure

More. Happy faces, what else. It's not a government entity, which only just saves it from totalitarian sinister, but it's sinister all the same, combined with this happy talk:
To this end, 10:10 has also concentrated on nurturing a sense of community, tapping into what Harvey calls "the malaise of western society: atomisation . . . We want to show that doing your bit alongside others, and sharing the same goals, can actually trigger a rush of endorphins that make you feel happy."
So. Quite the nurturing sense of community.

What next. Eco-terrorism?

More. Letter from Junk publisher Steve Malloy to Sony and Kyocera.

...All in aid of an unproven threat. But as we know, that's just the latest excuse for these vile leftists who want to control our lives and our freedom, even haha kill us.

More. Iowahawk via TAS.

More here.

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