Saturday, October 02, 2010

Kirk-Alexi Poll Iffy. Taken before Alexi IRS Lie

Tribune on its own poll:
The survey also suggests that Giannoulias bounced back from problems associated with the federal takeover of his family's troubled bank in April. The poll was conducted before a Tribune report last week that showed Giannoulias worked at the bank longer than he had previously publicly discussed in gaining a $2.7 million tax deduction from the IRS.
Well, but he was only taking out the garbage. 500 hours worth. There was a lot.

17% undecided. Figure it out folks. Alexi is repeatedly dishonest, lent money to criminally dishonest wise guys, feels like he's entitled to the seat, and will raise taxes. At best Alexi, asleep at the wheel:
We can do better, Illinois. We need real jobs and fiscal intelligence.

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