Monday, October 04, 2010

Obama Slips Among Major Groups

Andrew Malcolm on the Gallup approval numbers, overall at 45%. The tarnished Barackstar's not on the ballot but it's an indicator for the midterms, some of these just hovering above 50% and we've got another month to go:

Democrats (79%) and liberals (75%) still like Obama a lot.

But after that, his approval percentage goes to the deep south. Support among even young people is down: 57%. Hispanics: 55%. Moderates: 54%. Unmarrieds: 53%. Easterners: 52%. Women: 47%. Midwesterners and Westerners: 45%.

Men: 43%. Southerners: 41%. Independents: 40%. Marrieds: 39%. Seniors: 38%. Whites: 36%. Conservatives: 23%.

Amazingly, among Republicans Obama still manages to hold the support of 12%.

(Emphasis mine.) Who are they, anyway? Probably in the beltway.

HT Memeorandum. Hillbuzz is blunt.

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