Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Travels with Barry Post-Election

Movin' the trip on up. Heading off overseas, visiting some of our strongest allies, arriving in time to celebrate the festival of lights in India:
US President Barack Obama is likely to arrive in India on November 5 instead of November 7 as originally scheduled. He will leave Washington DC on the night of November 4 soon after the mid-term Congressional election where many pundits are predicting severe reverses for the Democratic Party.

He will be away from the US for almost 12 days, one of the longest tours during his presidency, touching India, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea, before returning to Washington DC on November 14.
What will we do without him?

The festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil. He'll be expressing solidarity in Mumbai.

Well, that is admirable.

You get the feeling he's ducking the debate, though, don't you.

Hopefully he won't make any detours to dictators.

And no bows, please.

More. On the reading list, via RealClearWorld: Why China Should Share Its Wealth

...China, a communist country, is not sharing its wealth. How unsurprising. To most.

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