Monday, November 29, 2010

Afternoon Tea. Top TEA Party Blogs.

Find me in the Midwest:)

More tea, turning to local issues. WSJ. Running for local school and town boards. Why are those property taxes so high. Ask to see the checkbook, for a start:)

Following up to prevent vote fraud for the next time. Milwaukee's the latest in the ACORN hall of shame. Working to purge those dead voters from the rolls.

Some notice from the Brits on the TEA party impact.

And here's a new one:

It is called the Repeal Amendment. Brainchild of Georgetown Constitutional Law Professor Randy Barnett, the proposal has gotten legs with the help of Florida attorney Marianne Moran, Executive Director of

The proposal calls for a constitutional amendment that would allow the states, by a two-thirds majority vote, to repeal objectionable federal legislation and regulations. Virginia Representative Eric Cantor, slated to be Majority Leader in the upcoming Congress, has gotten behind the movement, as has Virginia’s governor, and lieutenant governor, leaders in the state legislature and Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.
Have a cuppa tea. My choice? Constant Comment:)

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ZZMike said...

The Repeal Amendment has the proverbial snowball's chance in Al Gore's future world.

It's a great idea, but you know what it takes to get an Amendment passed.

And then the new Supreme Court would just declare in unconstitutional.

The Federal Government has been working mightily over the years to insure that IT, not the States, have the final word.

That's the thing the anti-Federalists warned us would happen, but Madison said no, don't worry, couldn't happen.

They also thought that the National Guard would be taken under the Government's wing, and Madison (I think) assured them it would never happen.

They really ought to go ahead with the proposal, though, just to show them we're not going to take it any more.

One big problem is that the Feds will mandate the States to do something, and not fund it, leaving that inconvenient business up to the States.