Wednesday, November 03, 2010

An Entourage of 3,000 for The One

I thought this was a joking exaggeration but it's true. India: The Pasha Tour

Granted we want to support our ally India, especially post-Mumbai, but 3,000?

...Yet another tone-deaf move by our President Barack Obama.

Rush wonders if the Obama Regime is moving there--maybe these blue state refugees can get a ride next time:
In California, there is some irony: The philosophy that led the state to the highest tax rates in the country, along with the near-worst schools, largest deficits, and most crumbling infrastructure, was reaffirmed. Now California’s state government will have to deal with the reality that if the highest-tax state in the union raises taxes still higher, it will lose even more high earners than the current 3,000 who leave each week.
...So let's make this crystal clear. WSJ:
A Congressional majority is a terrible thing to waste, as Rahm Emanuel might say, and yesterday the public took that lesson to heart. Americans erased a Democratic House majority and a huge swath of the "moderates" who Mr. Emanuel had personally recruited to build their majorities in 2006 and 2008 before he became White House chief of staff. They were ousted from power after a mere two terms for having pursued an agenda they didn't advertise and that voters didn't want.
We don't work for you, Mr. President.

California takes five weeks to count all its votes, a vivid contrast with Brazil, which voted on Sunday, where all the votes were counted within five hours (what is wrong with this picture?).

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