Tuesday, November 02, 2010

It's GOP House Sweep in Illinois--Except for Walsh**Scratch that. DEAD HEAT

Latest: 94% in:
Walsh (R) 90,640 48.7%
Bean (D) 89,368 48.0%
Scheurer (G) 6,025 3.2%


UPDATE to UPDATE: Walsh leading by 65 votes with 87% reporting.---OK, flips again. What a race.***UPDATE. Check out the Fox numbers. omg it could be you can't come home again Melissa Bean!!!***So far.

Hot damn though. We were supposed to lose the open seat IL 10 but Dold is beating Seals:)!!!!

So far at RCP but we're lookin good. R's on the right.

IL10 Seals 48%Dold 52%
IL11 Halvorson 44%Kinzinger 56%
IL14 Foster 44%Hultgren 52%
IL17 Hare 42%Schilling 54%
IL8 Bean 50%Walsh 47%

More. Tribune update here. Fox interactive map here. Click around for your district of choice.


Lisa G in NZ said...

Hi Anne,
happy midterm election day to you!

I find it very ODD indeed that ALL the Chicago area contests went to Democrats...

Really?... NO shenanigans going on? IL going MAJORITY Republican EXCEPT Chicago?

do you find this as weird as me?

cheers from ex-patriot Chicagoan,

Lisa G in NZ

Anne said...

Cheers Lisa!

We take our victories where we can:)