Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Boy Named Sue Evolves

How to strike a balance in new baby names? Not too common or too weird.

Parents obsess over their choices. Nowadays, apparently, parents are more likely to want to err on the side of unique.

Probably Sue doesn't cut it, even for a boy. Sorry Johnny Cash.

As for me, I kind of split the difference. My girls unusual my son an old family name, though their middle names were all inherited.

But before they were born, given my fascination for all things Soviet Russian, we came up with stuff like Progress Through Mechanized Agriculture. Little Progress. Peace Through Nuclear Rearmament. Little Peace.

By the time the third one came around, well, I can't really remember. Maybe it was just Electrificatsia. One of Stalin's faves.

It might catch on these days with the eco-car zealots.

...Take it away, Johnny!

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