Wednesday, December 15, 2010

From Sci Fi to Reality and Back

Well, we can't ask Scotty to beam us up yet. Orson Scott Card: How 'Friend' Became a Verb

A lot has happened, though. I threw out the encyclopedias a long time ago, records are a distant memory with CDs not far behind.

I'm more worried about internet viruses than the human kind and will we all start talking like our tweets in a few years?

It may sound like Klingon to me.

My dear old dad refused the internet and still wrote letters. That was a fine art. I have the feeling, though, if my mom had lived longer she would have gotten on board. She was a fan of C.S. Lewis from way back.

Eventually this blog may grow old but right now, for me, it's a path to understanding.

And what's not happening now I can always dream about.

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