Thursday, December 02, 2010

NOT Business as Usual in New GOP House

Starting off on the right foot--this is what we voted for. Politico:

House Republicans seem intent on blowing up the staid appropriations process when they take power in January — potentially upending the old bulls in both parties who have spent decades building their power over the federal budget.

The plans include slicing and dicing appropriations bills into dozens of smaller, bite-size pieces — making it easier to kill or slash unpopular agencies. Other proposals include statutory spending caps, weekly votes on spending cuts and other reforms to ensure spending bills aren’t sneakily passed under special rules.

Your YouCut chance to weigh in here. The latest winner--eliminating the mandatory printing of Congressional bills. Think how much Nancy Pelosi and the Dems cost us with those huge, incomprehensible bills no one even actually read before they voted on them. Put them online--let us all have at 'em.

P.S. Is incoming Republican House Speaker John Boehner more pro-woman than Dem Nancy Pelosi? It took a guy to do this? House Speaker-elect John Boehner orders a change to benefit just 71 members Gee, did she have a private bathroom along with her private jet?

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