Wednesday, December 08, 2010

WikiLeaks Attacks Palin

Tapper gets an email: Exclusive: Sarah Palin Under Cyber-Attack from Wikileaks Supporters in 'Operation Payback'

So. We have cyberwar. Legal Insurrection:
Throughout the day WikiLeaks supporters have been mounting denial of service attacks against Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, and others deemed to have impeded WikiLeaks. Reportedly, these supporters have disclosed large files containing Mastercard account numbers and expiration dates.
Where is Eric Effing Holder. Where is our President Barack Obama.

No surprise there. They like this Assange guy. They are juvenile anti-Americans too. VDH with the definitive Assange profile.

And what's with Ron Paul. So disappointing. On foreign policy he screws up bigtime so often. This is always my beef with libertarians.
7. The key to understanding the WikiLeaks phenomenon lies in the erosion of the distinction, once clear and accepted, between the public and the non-public. Diplomacy, to work at all effectively, must draw a line between the “consultative process” and the “work product.” This is but part of the human condition: Human beings need to consult, speculate, brainstorm, argue with each other—yes, even to gossip and say dopey things—in order to find their way through the difficult task of coming to an official, or publicly stated position which would then be open (legitimately) to criticism. The refusal to see this distinction is, effectively, Marxist: It all comes down to property, which in Marxist terms is the root of evil. So one is no longer allowed to have property even in musings and speculations. (This, of course, is what underlies political correctness: You must no longer be allowed to think, let alone say, certain things.)
Figure it out.
Ron Paul casts lone vote against House resolution honoring heroic Chinese dissident
RT @: RT @ So, Ron Paul stands up for Assange but not Liu Xiaobo. I mean, WTF Paul?

Sarah Palin is consistently on point. The point of our spear.

This is leadership.

This is a leader.

P.S. Choice, choice comments.

P.P.S. Is JenRu WaPo's new Kathleen Parker?

Pethokoukis has some reservations. What's with you, JenRu? We may eventually sign on with the deal but what's wrong with questioning it. It may be the best we can do for now--but this is not what we voted for. Good to remind the new GOP House of that. And Obama is a bald-faced liar.

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