Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good Rollback These Dems MORNING

Rep. Ryan To CNN: I'm Not Negotiating Spending Cuts Through The Media RCP Video

Repealing Obamacare Is Not ‘Symbolic,’ It’s a Constitutional Duty

Cantor spokesman: Obama’s executive order on regulation was a Republican idea

Barack Obama, Mr. Deregulation?
“But it was almost as if his point was to pick a regulation so minor that no one cared much about it one way or the other. Had the President’s speechwriters been looking for an example of a hazardous-substance rule that would actually get people talking about regulatory overreach, they might have picked EPA’s dairy-spill regulations, which (in the words of one report) ‘treat spilled milk like oil, requiring farmers to build extra storage tanks and form emergency spill plans….’ That one does have big and widespread economic costs.”
Obama Isn't Fooling Anyone - David Harsanyi, Denver Post:

A Small Business Administration study says total regulatory costs that businesses (and thus consumers) pay amount to about $1.75 trillion -- more than all collected personal income taxes. The Competitive Enterprise Institute found in this past year that the appearance of new rules -- including "major" rules that cost more than $100 million annually -- had dramatically accelerated.

Which isn't surprising.

I heard new 8th district Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), elected by concerted efforts of the Tea Party around here, made a stirring speech on the House floor highlighting the plight of job-creating small business.

...Here's the clip, via the Barrington Tea Party:

More. CNN, Quinnipiac, Gallup, and Rasmussen Agree: Americans Want Repeal TWS

No Surrender on Debt Ceiling. If you want leverage, do not begin by giving in.

Milestone: More than half of all states now suing to escape Obamacare

How Obamacare is already costing us

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