Thursday, January 06, 2011

Lura Lynn never benefited from George's misdeeds

Their home was modest, she didn't swan around in designer clothes like Patti Blagojevich.

Give him a furlough to say goodbye.

...the discussion is raging on WLS radio.


Publia said...

Sorry Anne, you are wrong. Every time I saw her she was wearing a different St. John suit. She also accompanied him on his luxury vacations.

Anne said...

All right, I stand corrected in that, thanks.

But still. That house in Kankakee is very modest.

Anne said...

And I think she was from a different generation. She was George's high school sweetheart--she put her faith in him.

M. Simon said...

A lot of people put their faith in George. He screwed us into the ground.

I do feel sorry for him and especially sorry for his wife. But why should he get a better deal than some crack dealer from the Zone? He did more damage to the State than the crack dealer.

And you know - she bears some responsibility for the moral wreck he was/became. You can't be married to some one and not know.

Anne said...

Well, as it turns out apparently the state gave him a 2 hour furlough. Which is not unusual for non-violent prisoners.

I still pretty much give her a pass. On the face of it, what she saw was not criminal.

And one of my other friends says she saw Lura Lynn often and she didn't wear designer dress. I still remember from the trial how she had a deli platter from Jewel for an event at the governor's mansion.

No shrimp and bananas foster like Gov. Quinn just laid on.