Saturday, January 08, 2011

My retweets of this horrific day

by backyardconserv
OMG Prayers RT @: Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot and killed NPR reports

by backyardconserv
I think it's pretty clear our whole Nation needs prayer. Tragic day.

Aaron Dickey
by backyardconserv
RT @: Hospital spokesperson confirms that Gifford is still alive on @

Jeff Dunetz
by backyardconserv
MUST WATCH Sick Video Rantings of Jared Louchner The Animal Who Shot Rep Giffords

Kevin Eder
by backyardconserv
Roundup of left-wing lunacy via @: Sarah Palin Blamed by Bloggers for Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords

Anna Tarkov
by backyardconserv
Giffords shooter at a festival of books (PHOTO): (via @)

John Podhoretz
by backyardconserv
An important point: Paranoid schizophrenia develops in very late teens/early 20s.

Melissa Clouthier
by backyardconserv
@ I don't see anyone on the right saying he's anything but crazy. On the left? They've been assuming motive all day.

Michelle Malkin
by backyardconserv
Fed judge, 9 yr old girl, congr staffer & 2 others are dead. Rep Giffords is fighting for her life. 10 wounded. ENOUGH.

Jonah Goldberg
by backyardconserv
My 2007 column on the Va Tech shooting pretty well describes how I feel about the media right now.

Elizabeth Scalia
by backyardconserv
Left blamed Palin b4 they knew 1st thing about shooter; unable to admit malice, they double down, co-ordinate narrative. Grotesque.

Dan Curry
RT @: ABHORRENT Behavior by the Left on a Tragic Day for America

...One more.
Kimberly Morin
RT @: Great News: Congresswoman Giffords is awake. She recognizes her husband & others in the hospital room, & she is talking!

Thank God for this.

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