Monday, January 17, 2011

Palin Interview

Double-down determined. Very well-spoken. RCP video of excerpt here.

Her kids have gotten death threats along with her. So appalling.

She quoted Dr. King at one point. It's clear they have a faith in common.

More. Reaction from TAS Quin Hillyer, who hasn't always been a fan: Palin Was Terrific

She is tested under fire, shall we say.

This is the final segment. She knows what's at stake:
Fox Nation
Palin: 'I Will Take the Darts and Arrows Because I Know Others Have my Back' (VIDEO)
More. Full video interview here.

AP actually headlines Dems used target maps too. Memeorandum has a thread already. Ooh, CNN uses intemperate language: "sharply beat back". I guess someone from CNN was watching Palin rather than Oprah on with Piers over on their set.

A REMINDER: The JournoList membership….: A REMINDER: The JournoList membership.

More. Salon's Joan Walsh has a nananabooboo reaction. Uh, Joan, Tucson shooter 9/11 truther. But that's your story and you're stickin to it. Hey Joan! Lookee here: Seahawks fall to climate of hate in Windy City


if not for double standards the left would have no standards
-Gov Palin.

Is that not a Reanganlike quote or what? I loved it and she must have wanted it to stick she used it twice in the interview. Calling out the left Alinsky style. Make them live up to their own stated views…..

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