Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Hey Wilmette. How bout let that CVS go in

As last proposed by the developer.
Village trustees voted down one, for a medical office building with a CVS drugstore, in July of that year The board rejected a second plan, for a CVS store with a drive-up pharmacy window, in January 2010.
Are you NUTS--

You're actually thinking of putting the taxpayers on the hook for $3.675 million?

When you're in a hole you're supposed to stop digging.

VOTE NO tonight on this deal. And approve the CVS.

Do you guys think money grows on trees?

At least you didn't cut a bunch down like the Mallinckrodt debacle.

...Enrollment dropping, retail and housing overbuilt all around, taxes are headed up for sure, but we're set for nirvana in Wilmette:Yes, the village is envisioning seniors riding their bikes around town 24/7. Vibrantly.


conservativeBrand said...

Where do these trustees think the demand is for more retail (or condos for that matter) on the other side of the tracks in Wilmette? Most of the stores in downtown Wilmette are dead or near-dead. And what about the graveyard that used to be called Plaze del Lago? I vote NO on every trustee who wants more development of downtown Wilmette. Sell all vacant land for single-family houseing.

Anne said...

Yes. We just lost Crate and Barrel there.

These trustees are delusional.

Wilmette is ideal for single family homes and small businesses.

Anne said...

And drug stores.