Friday, February 18, 2011

IL Dem Leader Praises WI Dems. Partners in Crime

It figures. Fleeing to bankrupt Dem-wrecked Illinois. Fox Chicago. Senator Erpenbach: Wisconsin Democrats Will Meet Near Chicago:
The Associated Press asked if it was proper for Wisconsin legislators to hold a secret meeting out of the state. He responded by likening the meeting to a closed caucus.

Erpenbach says Democrats could stay away for weeks if necessary, but he hopes it won't be that long. Democrats pulled a surprise move Thursday by leaving without notice, delaying indefinitely a vote in the Senate.

Meanwhile, the president of the Illinois Senate praised the Wisconsin Democrats who fled to Illinois.

Senate President John Cullerton said the Wisconsin senators were trying to keep public employees from being "bulldozed for political gain."
Ha. These same Wisconsin Dems tried to bulldoze porky legislation during their post-election lame duck session. And when they had the majority, rammed through a billion dollar tax increase in a few hours, newly elected Republican Gov. Scott Walker pointed out in his presser this afternoon. An interview with RightNetwork here.

...We know Illinois law enforcement won't help out Wisconsin--and the state Attorney General Lisa Madigan is the daughter of the Dem House majority leader.

P.S. Patrick Ruffini
by backyardconserv

Patrick Ruffini
by backyardconserv
In what private sector job are benefits nearly half of salary? This is like moving stuff off books.

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