Saturday, February 05, 2011

Rock-Climbing in Your Shower

It has come to this. Indulging Boomers to the point of delusion. I had noticed the lower shelving--I thought it was a matter of keeping inventory lean. But this:
Bathroom-fixture maker Kohler Co. struggled to come up with a more palatable word for "grab bar," which boomers resist. It introduced the "Belay" shower handrail—named for the rock-climbing technique—which blends subtly into the wall of a tiled shower. "When you say, 'We've got beautiful grab bars,' [boomers] just say, 'Naw,' because they don't want to identify as needing that," says Diana Schrage, senior interior designer at Kohler's design center.
Well, I'm not there yet. Yet.

I may try those geriatric nut canisters, even though I haven't lost my grip.

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