Thursday, February 17, 2011

WI Teachers Put Crosshairs on Gov. Scott Walker

El Rushbo highlights the video.

Hillbuzz ground report. Backlash from the private sector there.

Best ongoing twitter round-up at Charlie Sykes, whom I listened to this morning. Iowahawk has been busy.

I want those Dem legislators running off the job and hiding FOUND.

Pizza guys let us know. Or maybe they go for greasy cheeseburgers. Or brats.

Peaceful rally to support Scott Walker and Conservative Legislators this Saturday at Wis State Capitol. Noon - 3:00 PM. See you there!
... More civility from the left Lauren Kaufman
i hope scott walker dies. someone please shoot him?!

by SykesCharlie
From WI ST Capital insider: protesters block bathrooms, pound on glass, surround any1 dressed nicely to block them, "pure Alinsky tactics"

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