Sunday, March 13, 2011

74 bring them home to the place they belong, Indiana, not Urbana

The other fleebaggers get called out by the GOP. Via Hoosier Access: More. EDITORIAL: Indiana's flee circus needs to end

...And in Illinois, sadly Dem dominated still, despite Republican gains:GOP proposes curbs on lame-duck sessions
In Wisconsin, after the November election, Dems tried to jam through legislation in a lame duck after losing all levers of government, stopped only by one defeated Dem legislator with a conscience. So when the 14 Wisconsin Sen Dems went on the lam in Illinois there was even more of a loss of respect and trust by their GOP colleagues.

Dems run away if they don't get their way. That's not what real democracy looks like.

An Althouse poetry performance...
More. Indiana Republican Gov. Daniels on MTP. RCP video.

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