Monday, March 07, 2011

The Best (Worst) of WISenDem Lena Taylor. On the lam in IL

On WLS radio the other day.

Latest rant in IL.

The Republican response:)
WI: Scott Fitzgerald Drops the Hammer

Newly elected Gov. Walker: Governor Walker
Former Mayor John Norquist praises our school choice reforms:

Governor Walker
Our budget repair bill will give local gov'ts the tools 2 balance their budgets w/out layoffs. An example that proves it:

Governor Walker
Did you know that because of collective bargaining unions didn't want an 86 year old to volunteer as a crossing guard?

Governor Walker
Collective bargaining IS a fiscal issue:
Arbitrator Reinstates Porn-Watching Teacher

A Cedarburg school teacher was reinstated by an arbitrator after being fired for viewing pornography on a school computer. The school district ultimately succeeded in terminating the teacher only after taking the case to the Wisconsin Supreme Court at great cost to the taxpayers.

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/23/08

‘Outstanding First Year Teacher’ Laid Off

Milwaukee Public Schools teacher Megan Sampson was laid off less than one week after being named Outstanding First Year Teacher by the Wisconsin Council of English Teachers. She lost her job because the collective bargaining agreement requires layoffs to be made based on seniority rather than merit.

Informed that her union had rejected a lower-cost health care plan, that still would have required zero contribution from teachers, Sampson said, “Given the opportunity, of course I would switch to a different plan to save my job, or the jobs of 10 other teachers.

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/14/10

...There's more Lena! Not the first time. ...Can we just stipulate, one more time, that the Dem all blue majority was defeated in Wisconsin in November? The governor and both houses who ran the state into the ground. In the lame duck session the legislature tried to push through a sweetheart union deal, despite the voters' message, only stopped by a single vote of the defeated Dem majority leader, who had a conscience. Gov. Walker ran on his agenda, he won a mandate, and his Budget Repair Bill was set to deal with a $3.6 billion budget deficit for next year. Collective bargaining is preserved under the bill for wages only, as health care and pension benefits are way beyond what the state and taxpayers can support. The governor is trying to give local governments flexibility to negotiate with their unions to avoid layoffs. In his stint as Milwaukee County executive the unions refused to budge and said they didn't care if he laid off workers. The Republican was initially elected in Milwaukee after a pension corruption scandal. He was reelected in Milwaukee County and has now won the governorship.

His principles have been consistent all along.

Oh, and his opponent in Milwaukee County? Lena Taylor.

More. Video from Gov. Walker's news conference this afternoon in response to Dems wanting to meet "on the border".

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