Wednesday, March 09, 2011 Vote NO, Wilmette

Tuesday, April 5th, Wilmette School District 39 is asking voters to approve a $6.4 million referendum to cover a current year deficit of $5.5 million.

For years, District 39 has been running a deficit, paying bills by drawing down District fund balances that had been accumulated in previous years before spending began to increase, exceeding District income.

A succession of recent D39 Boards of Education has accepted these deficits, and even given in to excessive demands by the Wilmette Education Association (teachers union) for salary increases that that average 5.6 percent each year, regardless of teacher performance.
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We can not afford this. The Wilmette union needs to share the sacrifice, especially given declining enrollment and taxpayers facing increases at every level of government, including seniors' on fixed income.

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