Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Northwestern's Sex Class Makes TWS Cover

Joseph Epstein, former prof, writes from Evanston: Lower Education. Sex toys and academic freedom at Northwestern. In part:
The professor, J. Michael Bailey, is a man with a reputation for specializing in the outrĂ©. (Northwestern ought perhaps to consider itself fortunate that he didn’t teach a course in Aztec history, or he might have offered a demonstration of human sacrifice.) The word got out about the demonstration he had arranged, journalists quickly got on the case, and Northwestern found itself hugely embarrassed, its officials concerned lest parents think it was offering, at roughly $45,000 a year, the educational equivalent of a stag party.
Will they offer this to parents now, as part of a lifelong learning series?

Professor emeritus Epstein has more insight and is writing a letter or two to the president of the university. I imagine more than a few alums are as well.

Related thoughts on "academic freedom" and teacher union tyranny in a nearby upscale public elementary school here.

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