Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Our baby boy president. They're talking $5 gas this summer, Libya bombs their own

Reuters on oil price reaction.

Jimmy Carter all over again. Steve Forbes.
The Interior Department’s six-month moratorium on offshore oil production has cost 8,169 jobs, according to a study by one Louisiana State University professor, along with more than $487 million in wages and nearly $98 million in forfeited state tax revenues in the Gulf states alone.

This doesn’t include the impact felt nationwide by truckers who transport goods, farmers who use oil to raise and harvest crops and working families paying more at the pump.
Will The One ration gas this summer?

Maybe you should ground Air Force One, Barack. You oughta be grounded for your FAIL on policy smarts. Take your toy away. (We know it's just a toy to you.)

...The misery index is breathing down your neck.

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