Monday, March 07, 2011

Where are the jobs? Self-Serve Retail and Solar Trash Cans

If we're going to retool in the private sector to be more productive at lower cost, saving consumers money but costing jobs, what about government?

Cut the corporate welfare, Illinois:
But the fact that so many companies have left money on the table, for whatever reason, raises questions about how effectively the EDGE program functions as a tool to create and retain jobs.

"If so many companies are leaving so much money on the table, the incentives are not incentives, they are subsidies," said Greg LeRoy, executive director of Good Jobs First, a nonprofit that researches economic-development subsidies. "The fact that so many applied, got them and didn't need them reinforces that conclusion."
As for the solar-powered trash cans at $6,000 (!) a crack in theory they will save labor. Does anyone believe that will happen in Chicago? We're told the garbage workers will be shifted to recycling, a system so costly it stalled even in spend-happy, now bankrupt Chicago.

Oh, but no worries, the stimulus money (read ruinous debt) paid for these solar garbage cans.

Where are the jobs?

NOT in Illinois. Garbage in garbage out.

P.P.S. Paul Ryan's terrifying slide show, among other things.

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