Monday, April 11, 2011

Bellwether Dem in Bellwether State Abandons ObamaCare. Let's MOVE!

Good grief, this guy's the Peggy Noonan of politicos, a real fair-weather friend:
Missouri’s Democratic attorney general broke with his party on Monday and urged a federal judge to invalidate the central provision of the new health care law.

The filing of the brief by Attorney General Chris Koster, a onetime Republican state legislator who switched to the Democratic Party in 2007, underscores the act’s political tenuousness in a critical Midwestern swing state.
And the NY Times felt they had to report it, sob. Awk:
Though Mr. Koster has been slow to weigh in, he did not mince words, arguing in the court brief that Congress had overstepped its authority by mandating that individuals buy health insurance, which he called “a substantial blow to federalism and personal freedom.”

“If Congress can force activity under the Commerce Clause, then it could force individuals to receive vaccinations or annual checkups, undergo mammogram or prostate exams or maintain a specific body mass,” he wrote.

It was really the Michelle O factor that tipped his hand.


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