Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blago Trial Farce Already. Maddow as Evidence

Prosecutors apparently want to use Blago's appearance on the Rachel Maddow show as evidence against him:
A little more than six minutes into the show, Maddow asked Blagojevich whether it would be wrong or criminal to trade an appointment to the U.S. Senate for something of value for him. That is, of course, the marquee charge in the case.

"Oh, absolutely," Blagojevich answered, according to a transcript in the filing.

Maddow went on to ask if Blagojevich did that, and he answered "absolutely not."

Prosecutors contend that is an important distinction because Blagojevich attorneys at his first trial argued that the former governor didn't know he was doing anything criminal regarding the Senate appointment because none of his attorneys advised him so at the time.
Also, a prospective juror was concerned--the trial would conflict with her Oprah Show tickets.

Why not put the trial on Oprah.


pathickey said...

To quote Horace Greeley, an example of too many 'long-haired males and short haired females' in the works.

Anne said...

I'm not gonna touch that one:)