Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies Prof Tells IA College GOP to "F" Off

Is anyone surprised by this? Other than it's Iowa I suppose.

Somehow those of us who don't live there think of the state still as a place where the tall corn grows. Even urban areas seem more unspoiled.

The University of Iowa is known for its writer's workshop.

It hasn't been known for its women's studies, etc., etc. Until now. But maybe the "F" word is part of her curriculum.

Isn't it past time for institutions of higher learning to phase out these gender depts., sops to leftist affirmative action/identity politics' demands a couple of generations ago?

This "professor's" final objection was to a Republican woman student addressing her by her first name--in response to being called the "F" word.

As is often the case, leftists demand more than civility from those whom they deeply offend.

Self-appointed feminists' political allegiance always, always trumps their supposed purpose of championing women.

And their argument nearly always descends to ad hominem attacks.

Retire, m'am, while you retain what little dignity you have.

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