Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obama "Spiritual Advisor" Pfleger Suspended as Priest

Oh happy day. The race-baiting, sicko attention-seeking leftist priest finally went too far for Chicago's Cardinal George, as Pfleger publicly threatened to leave the church rather than leave his parish after 30 years. I especially loved this part:
Pfleger didn’t speak publicly Wednesday, but St. Sabina church leaders said they are upset at the Cardinal’s decision and offended that Pfleger had to learn about his suspension through the media.
Turnabout is fair play, Fr. Pfleger, no wonder you were blindsided.

As you may recall, one of Obama's other early spiritual advisors was the Rev. God Damn America Wright.

Given the Dems are already playing the race card in the 2012 campaign, we can be grateful the Catholic Church is not sheltering the foul-mouthed, mean-minded Pfleger.

More. Chicago Tribune. And Newsalert on the cozy Obama-Pfleger relationship $$$.

...Tom Roeser, Chicago Daily Observer:
In a strongly worded statement, Cardinal Francis George has suspended Fr. Michael Pfleger from his roles as a Priest in the Archdiocese of Chicago. The letter George sent Pfleger was excellent—a masterpiece.

I say: Better late than never. I fully expect the Crying Towel liberals…including the Sun-Times editorial board, Carol Marin and Laura Washington…both nominal Catholics and whose grasp of theology is wafer-thin…will weep copiously: This man has done wonderful things for the community! Nuts. A priest is not supposed to be a community organizer. He was ordained to be an authorized mediator who offers a true sacrifice in acknowledgment of God’s supreme dominion over human beings and in expiation for their sins. His mediation is the opposite of the prophets. [snip]

Expect the Sulking Sultan of Pout…Rev. Jesse Jackson…as much a charlatan as Pfleger…to “invite” this pinwheel of political self-indulgence to PUSH. They belong together.

More: Will Obama's Priest Excommunicate Himself? - Nicholas Hahn, RCR


SpearWolf said...

God bless the Cardinal for finally doing something about that sorry excuse for a priest, although IMHO he should have been excommunicated years ago.

Anne said...

Yes. Thank God


Pfleger may excommunicate himself.