Monday, April 25, 2011

Queen has invited dictators...

...but not Obama. Says El Rushbo:)

...but perhaps he has abdicated, so he doesn't rate: Robert Samuelson: Obama abdicates on the budget. Washington Post

P.S. Michael Ramirez, IBD, accompanied by a pointed editorial. P.P.S. Where will the prez be? Hmm?

Well, it's the last flight and he wants to be there. Orchestrating America's decline.


JB Powers said...

Thought that said Quinn has invited Dictators...thinking Daley, Madigan, etc..


Anne said...

! :)

Anne said...

Along those lines, I was absently reading a story on Rahm the other day and I thought I read he had hired a personal chef--does he think he's Michelle in the White House?!

Then I realized it said personnel chief