Monday, May 09, 2011

Barack's Half-Brother's Bogus Charity. Yes We Cannabis

One in a long line of bad presidential brothers, though this is worse than Billy (Carter) Beer.

It's hard to believe the president didn't know about it:
A group of Missouri State college students who visited the Obama family village of Kogelo in 2009, and who met the president's half-brother, felt something was amiss. They sensed he was an "operator" and decided to give their donation of 400 pounds of medical supplies directly to a local clinic.
Or about this:
But the foundation seems to be capitalizing on the Obama name. A California-based company is selling T-shirts with the president's image and the phrase "Yes We Cannabis." It promises half of the proceeds will go to the Barack H. Obama Foundation.
But perhaps he's ambivalent.

P.S. Roger L. Simon: The Reluctant Assassination of Osama

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