Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Go (Conservative) Canada! The Model?

A leader probably more pro-American than the American president, Stephen Harper wins a clear majority in the land true north of us. Why did he win?:
Because Canada is the only major economy to have come through the crash in good condition; because there has not been the surge in taxation, spending and borrowing that other nations have seen; because illicit migration has been brought under control; and because Canadians recognise that these things did not just happen on their own.
Harper's opposition was particularly appalling--a Harvard prof and sometime resident, and a loonie leftie whose party surged after he was caught in a brothel. Harper's winning ad: Strong and free.

More. Michael Barone:
Going into this election, center-right parties held some sort of on-the-cusp minority status in the four major Anglosphere democracies -- as the minority governing party in Canada, as a similarly situated governing minority in the United Kingdom, as the minority party (by virtue of a couple of independent MPs) in Australia, and as a House majority but without the Senate or White House in the United States.

Now the Conservatives are the majority party of government in Canada. An omen for the others?

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