Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Michelle O Does Marilyn Monroe Imitation

The other day the hair, today the dress. And the hair. The Daily Mail photo commentary:
Sartorially similar: It's never a good idea to dress like an 85-year-old but Michelle Obama and the Queen both wore pale blue floral print dresses
State dinner dress? The long version. MonrOe.
P.S. The president quoted Churchill. Ya think he wants the bust back?  ...oops. An explanation:
The president should have followed the Queen's example - a few words, the National Anthem, then the toast. He segued into the toast without waiting for "God Save the Queen" and the orchestra had no choice but to play over him.
P.P.S. AP dutifully calls Michelle a "trendsetter". The Telegraph gives some tips.

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Anonymous said...

I think I read years ago that the Queen has small weights sewn into the hems of her clothes for just such moments.

Maybe Mrs. Obama might try this. It's a bit much seeing her slip and halfway up her thighs.

I wish these two would find some really good help with the whole protocol thing anyway. Who the heck is in charge? The Obamas don't look like trendy and hip young things: they are just ridiculous.

Anne said...

I think they must have gotten rid of the career professionals at the White House--they think they know it all.

And they have too many Chicago people around them.

I'm all for informality in most situations but protocol is there for a reason--so you don't make intercultural faux pas.

I agree with you on the style--it's all too much.