Sunday, May 22, 2011

Obama Doubles Down on his Anti-Israel Policy

He'd already undermined Israel in his speech just prior to Prime Minister Netanyahu's visit.

Today (full text): Obama’s Three Lies to AIPAC Joel Pollak

...Robert Gates: 'If America Declines to Lead in the World, Others Will Not':
"If history – and religion – teach us anything, it is that there will always be evil in the world, people bent on aggression, oppression, satisfying their greed for wealth and power and territory, or determined to impose an ideology based on the subjugation of others and the denial of liberty to men and women," Gates said. "[M]ake no mistake, the ultimate guarantee against the success of aggressors, dictators, and terrorists in the 21st century, as in the 20th, is hard power –the size, strength, and global reach of the United States military."
P.S.  (Video.) HT MemeorandumSarah Palin Slams Obama on Israel, Wants ‘Redneck Woman’ to Be Her Ringtone

Hit it, ladies!:) Hard power.

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