Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The $64,000 Question: Middle Class to Get Medicaid? Feeling Murderous?

Another ObamaCare (Pelosi we have to pass the bill before we find out what's in it) budget-buster that will probably be stuffed back to already bankrupt states.

If this thing sticks Boomers will be lucky if our kids don't murder us, given they have more personal debt and fewer job prospects (and then there's that national debt):
Fact: College tuition has increased at a rate 6% higher than the general rate of inflation for the past 25 years, making it four times as expensive relative to other goods and services as it was in 1985. Subjective explanation: University administrators have a talent for increasing top line revenues via tuition, but lack the spine necessary to upgrade academic productivity. Professorial tenure and outdated curricula focusing on liberal arts instead of a more practical global agenda focusing on math and science are primary culprits.

Fact: The average college graduate now leaves school with $24,000 of debt and total student loans now exceed this nation’s credit card debt at $1.0 trillion and counting (7% of our national debt). Subjective explanation: Universities are run for the benefit of the adult establishment, both politically and financially, not students. To radically change the system and to question the sanctity of a college education would be to jeopardize trillions of misdirected investment dollars and financial obligations.
Of course the leftie commenters at Huffpo think it's just wunnerful, as if there's no cost to this giveaway to early retirees.

More. NRO. Surprise, surprise

More. Obama job approval jacknifes. Drudge header:
Approval -4, disapproval +5 -- in one day!

Anne Leary

3 hours ago

More dark humor: Man robs bank to get medical care in jail:
In jail, Verone said he skips dinner to avoid too much contact with the other inmates. He's already seen some nurses and is scheduled to see a doctor on Friday. He said he's hoping to receive back and foot surgery, and get the protrusion on his chest treated. Then he plans to spend a few years in jail, before getting out in time to collect Social Security and move to the beach.
But he doesn't want to be a burden to his family. Just the rest of us. Not so funny. Feeling murderous myself...I feel that John Belushi rant coming on.

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