Monday, June 06, 2011

The abusive left and their MSM enablers

This modus operandi is sick. Sick. Stop it.

You are destroying this country.

...Whistleblower story here.

More. Megan McArdle: Anthony Weiner Admits to Sending Racy Photos: Should We Really Ignore It?


Hannah said...

Since when is the entire Left Wing abusive? Have you met every single liberal in this country? If not, then why make hateful assumptions like the one you just made, and why claim that all liberals are destroying this country when that's blatantly untrue?

Tell me, do you even know how to put together a logical, rational argument at all?

Also, tell me, is there a reason why all of your sources are right-leaning? Do you think that liberals aren't capable of telling the truth or something, even though there are plenty of liberals out there who aren't serial liars?

Anne said...

Fine, you think you are an example of the non-abusive left.

It's been my experience, as a former liberal, that the left doesn't engage on the issues--they just make ad hominem attacks.

As you have done.

Hannah said...

What ad hominem attacks did I make? Also, why is it okay for you to make ad hominem attacks, but not okay for me (or any other liberal) to do so?

Anne said...

According to you I'm illogical and make hateful arguments.

What are you upset about? Do you think Weiner should resign?

Or not?

Hannah said...

First of all, sorry it took me a few hours to get back to you. I had to commute back home and then I had to get dinner started.

As for Weiner, I don't think he should resign, but I do think he should be put on a very short leash, and his email and phone conversations (along with the contents of any cameras he owns) should be closely monitored. Politics shouldn't be a "one strike and you're out" sort of a business, but neither should it be a place where anyone can get away with anything, no matter how lewd and unethical.

Do you think he should have to resign? If so, then do you think that every single other politician who has ever been caught in a scandal (including the conservative politicians) should have to resign as well?

Anne said...

Yes, I think he should have to resign.

Most Republicans have been asked to resign if they engage in this kind of thing and do so.

I think the even bigger issue is that he specifically lied repeatedly to people, recently and publicly--that's why even Pelosi and the President think he should resign