Sunday, June 19, 2011

All the news that escapes Jon Stewart

I'm enjoying a sunset, checking some tweets, having missed FNS this morning, when I see the clip of the Stewart interview.

He's a likeable guy, is low key to people on his show, so I was surprised when he got really, really angry in response to Chris Wallace and stated that FoxNews viewers are "consistently misinformed", after claiming MSNBC was only perhaps trying the Fox model for the left and that the NY Times was not biased, just "sensationalist". But how come the PC media is only sensationalist in one direction? (As Wallace points out, Weiner is pretty indefensible) The NY Times has really been hard-charging on the Obama years at Columbia.

He also talked down to Chris Wallace and said his snarky comedy was harder to do than Wallace's job.

Well, it seems to me he's had pretty much the same sophomoric shtick for years. I'd say he's stuck in a rut. Perhaps that's why he came on FNS, I give him credit for that.

I mean, what's a disillusioned leftist to do?

Stewart is smart enough to know Obama has screwed up. But not smart enough to figure out the difference between news and opinion-- after all, the left has muddled up the two for the last generation or so. He's still getting his news from the NY Times, no wonder he's confused. But we're the ones who are misinformed. Everything is happening so unexpectedly with such unexpected consequences.

Stewart says Chris Wallace on FNS is balance to Hannity, and compliments him for that. He's done the same with O'Reilly. Fine. But shouldn't Stewart be able to figure out FNS during the day is news. Special Report is news, with a clearly labeled analytical panel. FNS is news. Then there are the opinion shows. O'Reilly is populist, Hannity is conservative/establishment R, Greta is centrist.

Stewart is left-leaning with sparks of independence.

He doesn't recognize classic journalism--actually covering the news as it is. Wow, what a concept.

I think Wallace has it right that Stewart wants to be a political player. Stewart hides behind comedy to pretend he's a serious social critic, when he's pretty much just another leftie.

I give him credit for coming on FNS, though. He's probably worried he will lose his job like Katie Couric. Or Keith Olbermann. And might have to go on the Al Gore network along with that other really funny guy, Anthony Weiner. You might know him, Jon. Or maybe that's news to you.


LibertyAtStake said...

"Stewart wants to be a political player"

Correct. And he's just smart enough to realize the team he bet on is on a big losing streak. Hence the panic. It won't be pretty from here on out.

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

MathMom said...

I recorded FNS so I could see this interview, but was so irked at Stewart's nastiness that I deleted it before finishing it. So, I watched the whole thing here, and think I was correct to hit the kill switch earlier today.

Stewart looks mean, pugilistic and spiteful, and his mugging does not seem nearly as funny when no one is laughing. I was happy that Wallace did not laugh at his "jokes".

I'm disappointed that a man who thinks he's so smart, is so blind to the unbalance in the old media. I respected him very little before the interview, and even less now.

Conservatives certainly have their work cut out for them.

Anne said...

I think you're right about the panic, Liberty.

Yeah, he can dish it out but he can't take it. Typical liberal. And as you note, MathMom, he's not really so funny without his laugh track libs in his audience. He feeds off ignorance.

Some of his former fans can't find jobs.